General Residential Cleaning

General Residential Cleaning This is our basic cleaning service, it covers bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living/family rooms, and any other areas of your home. The service includes sweeping, mopping, dusting, and emptying trash and/or recylables. This service can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Office and Small Business

Office and Small Business Cleaning From the Heart provides a complete office cleaning service for small businesses. We model this service after our General Cleaning Service, but will customize individually for each business.

Post-Construction Clean-Up

Post-Construction Clean-Up You just remodeled or had someone remodel your home, and you don’t have the energy to clean up the debris and dirt left behind. Let us take care of that for you. Whether it is one room or your whole house, we will provide that finishing touch to complete your remodeling project.

Move in/out Services

Move in/out Services Does your landlord require the oven, refrigerator, and other detailed cleaning to be done before you leave? Have you expended all of your energy packing? Let us worry about the cleaning! We will provide detailed cleaning and take direction from you regarding any cleaning areas that need special attention. For a sparkling, new, fresh-smelling house that you are just moving into, to a “cleaner” than when you moved into house or apartment that you are leaving, we insure that our service will meet your needs.


Garage/Attic This will include a deep cleaning of the garage and/or attic in your home.


Laundry Do you want your bed linens washed? Do you have any towels and wash clothes to be cleaned? We will wash, dry, and fold each load. Do to certain fabrics being susceptible to shrinkage or damage, we will not washfine fabrics, wool, silk, etc. Our charge for this service is $10 per load or twoloads for $15. We must know in advance of our arrival that you would like this service.

Pet Services

Pet Services We know that pets are a big part of the family, we have two dogs of our own (Cooper and Riley), and realize that they need and deserve special attention. While we are in your house cleaning, we will service your pets as well. Walk and feed, give them water, change the kitty litter box, take out for potty breaks, provide clean-up service for dogs, give medication if necessary, etc.

House sitting

House sitting Why not let us clean your home, while we house sit! If you hired us to do your weekly/bi-weekly cleaning and we already have the key to your home, we can perform this AddOrUpdateitional service quite easily. This would also prevent you from having to ask the neighbor, friend, or family member to watch your house while you are gone, not to mention the possibility of having to hire a separate house sitting service.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning A clean carpet not only is good to the eye, but it also controls the breeding of germs and bacteria and makes your home a much healthier place. This service provides a general cleaning of your carpet which includes spot removal and wet carpet cleaning. We use a gentle carpet cleaner that will not damage your carpet and leaves a refreshing smell. This service can be utilized as an individual service or in combination with the general cleaning service.